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Who We Are

We are a family that treats our clients like family. We believe that education, support, and compassion are at the root of providing care for animals, clients, and the surrounding community.

We provide appointment only grooming services. The business is modeled on having one animal with a staff member during the course of their service. Our goal is to provide fast, friendly, and cost-effective care for you and your pet. 

Why We Do This

When being privately groomed, the pets enjoy...

  • A calm, safe, stress-free environment with constant service.
  • Grooming by appointment with no long term stays...Bath, Dry, Groom and Go!
  • Little to no interaction with other pets during the appointment time.
  • A shop environment that caters to pets and their needs.

And the owners enjoy...

  • A scheduled appointment tailored to fit the pet's grooming needs.
  • A pet that leaves the shop clean, happy, and ready for the rest of the day.
  • An experienced pet handler that checks the pet in and communicates directly with the owner about the service.
  • A predictable schedule that is set and maintained by the groomer. 
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